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Designing A Safer Future - how can the F&B industry be better prepared for another pandemic


Change, as they say, is inevitable but the rate of change has increased dramatically as a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic. One thing is clear, the Food & Beverage (F&B) sector will need to evolve quickly and effectively to ensure its long-term growth and sustainability.

Nearly all industries and businesses have been impacted by the recent global events, including community and public dining spaces. This paper seeks to understand the impact of these events on the sector and to deliver ‘future proof’ recommendations that address not only the current ‘back-to-business requirements, but also the changes required in the design and best practices for future developments.

Our paper is designed to provide guidelines and pragmatic solutions to enable landlords and tenants alike to successfully address both current challenges and future health crises that may test the F&B industry.

The ideas presented in this report are not focused on COVID-19, therefore it is irrelevant whether a vaccine is developed or not; this is an overall “logical next step” towards enhanced and standardized hygiene practices in the F&B sector.

This is a solutions-driven paper that outlines the parameters for delivering an enhanced customer experience, which includes:

1. Dealing with a similar future crisis more productive

2. Putting in place effective preventative measures

3. Resolving any current operational shortcomings or obstacles

4. Mitigating any risks in both front-of-house and back-of-house

5. Implementing improvements to the design, functionality and operations of any F&B venture

Read the rest of our paper by clicking the link below. Enjoy!

White paper RBnH Solutions
Download • 8.14MB

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