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Planning Kitchen Design Within Budget in UAE

Nothing could be more important in a restaurant business than the cuisine. In order to deliver the cuisine in the most authentic and sumptuous manner, the restaurant business owner needs to take care of not only the ingredients that go into preparing the food; he also needs to ensure that he is giving the right kitchen to his chefs and staff to prepare and serve the food. The kitchen is where the food is prepared, and the food is what will get your restaurant sales and customers. This means that the kitchen layout and design is an essential part of a restaurant business – one that cannot and should never be compromised on the quality and hygiene aspects. But, since at the end of the day, all businesses work with a limited budget in hand, you also need to decide on a design that is affordable and within your budget and does not create a big hole in your pocket.

Aspects that need to be kept in mind while designing the kitchen include:

  • Effective utilization of available space.

  • A kitchen that is aligned with the overall core values of your brand.

  • Professional equipment that needs to be installed in the kitchen for optimizing services.

  • Floor plan of the entire restaurant, layout of the kitchen.

  • Essential logistics and requirements pertaining to wall paneling, ventilation, plumbing, electrical connections, provision of gas connections, noise and odour control systems, fire-fighting systems etc.

  • An easy-to-maintain design that can be cleaned and maintained at affordable costs.

There are many elements associated with affordable kitchen designing in Dubai, which can prove to be daunting for someone who is new to the restaurant business. Even for someone who is experienced in the Food & Beverage industry, designing an effective kitchen in allocated budget can be challenging. The solution is to appoint a professional restaurant consultant because this is a specialized area of work that definitely requires proficiency, knowledge and experience.

Working in the spatial space and anthropometrical viability demands that the restaurant business owner has the right team of architects and contractors working hand-in-hand with an expert restaurant design consultant to deliver the best results.

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