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The Right Restaurant Consultant Can Ensure the Success of Your Restaurant in Dubai

A report published by the Department of Economic Development, Dubai said that by the end of 2018, Dubai had 11813 operational restaurants and cafes. It was a growth of 9.7% and the market is still far from saturation, though it is approaching the point fast. Dubai restaurant market is undoubtedly competitive, not to forget that there are other crucial challenges that is a part and parcel of all forms of business. From skyrocketing rentals to an excess supply against a limited demand can make things gloomy and bleak for your food business until and unless you plan to strategize well.

Having said that, it does not imply that the restaurant business, per se, is not booming in the country – with a growing population and the presence of modern infrastructure, the industry is booming like never before. Customers are also there in abundance in the market. What you need is the right attitude and the right people to make your dream come true.

Appointing a restaurant consultant can, to a great extent, become the secret behind your success story. This is because the consultant is an expert from the domain with years of hands-on experience in dealing with real-time issues and challenges and circumventing them optimally. The right consultant will have 360-degree knowledge of conceptualizing, designing, identifying the pulse of the market, devising intelligent and smart marketing campaigns and overseeing the food and service standards of your restaurant.

Alongside, he will also be the man to suggest and implement the most cost-effective strategies to attract customers and retain them. It is common knowledge in the food industry that 80% of the business comes from only 20% of your customers – customer retention is that important and crucial in a business like food and beverage. The right consultant will be on top of the market understanding changing trends and tastes of people and tweaking the deliverables accordingly.

Taking into consideration the competitiveness of the Dubai restaurant market, it is advisable that all the homework and the ground work be done thoroughly and with precision so that a picture perfect strategy can be put into place. With a professionally qualified and proficient person working hand-in-hand with your team, your brand will certainly stand out in this cut-throat market.

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