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Top 10 Trends for Food and Beverage Concept

Food and Beverage are witnessing a paradigm shift and becoming more health-oriented in the past few years. The sector has marked a remarkable change from imitation to innovation. Organic and nutritionally high foods are more in demand even if it is not so appetizing. This says a lot about the industry which was ruled by taste, flavor, and textures. Here, we bring you the top 10 trends for the food and beverage concept.

Plant-Based Foods

With veganism growing in popularity, many consumers have started looking at healthier lifestyles. The trend of plant-based foods is here to stay and gain more strength.

Asian Food Trend

The Asian Street Food with its diverse flavors, textures, and taste, is finding a place in food and beverage trends. The use of exotic spices and ingredients make it quite appealing to people looking for new tastes.

Casual, Fast Food

The concept of quickly made, fast food but a healthier and fresh food option has grabbed attention. Great flavors, amazing textures, and fresh ingredients have made this segment successful.

No Cash Operations

Many restaurants are phasing out the concept of cash in their operations. They are using simple methods of payment like PIN-less card payments and wallets, thereby increasing transparency and liquidity.

A Single Dish Extravaganza

Now the segment is looking up to changing consumer requirements and going for one dish wonders like Burgers, hotpot, shawarma bars, meatball and more. It enhances operational efficiency and profitability.

An Overall Experience

Now customers will start looking for a complete experience and value transparency and ethics rather than focusing on a standalone purchase.

Grab and Go

People who are hard-pressed for time are increasingly looking at grab and go food options saving them a lot of time.

Homemade Food

More and more people are looking for homemade food that brings them fresh and nutritive food options. Many startups are starting with this concept as their focal point and gaining success.


Moringa is a plant extract from a horseradish tree and is considered to be rich in antioxidants. It is good for health and is being wholeheartedly embraced by health aware people.

Homemade Craft Beverages

Homemade craft beverages are the latest food and beverage trend that has just revolutionized the world of non-alcoholic beverages.

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