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Restaurant, Bar and
Hospitality Solutions

We are a well-known, established consultancy that specialize in F&B development.

Our services include creating, developing, consulting, designing, and managing restaurants, bars, and other hospitality ventures for investors, owners, hotels, restaurant groups,

and other F&B stakeholders worldwide.

Our lives have revolved around Food and Beverage for over 30 years, with international exposure to some of the most exquisite hotel companies and F&B brands in the world. The many years of operational experience in hotels, restaurants, restaurant developers, and operators led to the inception of KTConsulting & Concepts in the latter part of 2012 and was re-branded RBnH Solutions in December 2018. We started the agency with a vision to make a difference for our clients and their customers. We are not bound by corporate restrictions, we prefer to live and think outside the box but enhance the functionality and financial sustainability of the business.
Whether you are new to “our world” or a veteran of the industry, our agency assists individual start-ups, existing restaurant outlets, hotels and F&B operators, mall developers, and many other stakeholders involved in Food and Beverage. It is our aim to contribute to your project in such a way that the end product has improved dramatically and is ready for business.
With a combined expertise of operations, concept development, project management, strategy and leasing plus a detailed market knowledge in the Middle East for 20 years, RBnH is well equipped to guide you through your project as few others can.

Spices of the Orient cuisine
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