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The importance of kitchen design consultants

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

The kitchen is usually where most of the action is in any food and beverage business. So, it makes a lot of sense to ensure that it looks and functions well. An appropriate and efficient kitchen design has a good layout that enables free-flowing workflow to prevent delays and congestion. That way, tasks can be completed much efficiently and faster. Creating this type of layout by yourself can be challenging when you have to focus on other aspects of your business. In that case, it pays to work with seasoned kitchen design consultants who can assist you in the conceptual design, workflow, and area planning. They are also qualified to help ensure HACCP compliance and the fulfilment of MEP requirements.

Designing and building a kitchen for a food and beverage business involves a lot of decision-making and planning to make sure that everything comes together. Kitchen design consultants have the expertise and the experience to ensure that this critical area in your business does not just look good, but also functional and safe. Seasoned consultants are also qualified to help you pick the best equipment and appliances for your business, so you do not overspend on unnecessary items. Moreover, they can assist in calculating the electrical load for your equipment and appliances to make sure that their actual power consumption will not exceed the power available for your establishment.

Kitchen design consultants will help you visualize the entire space from different angles. After all, what may look good from above can look entirely different from a 3D or 2D perspective. This way, the last changes to your design will be more precise and clearer. Kitchen designers are also responsible in drawing up the MEP (mechanical, electric, and plumbing) requirements to make sure that all equipment will work as per your plan, which will be required by your contractor. In case a kitchen exhaust will be required, the designers will also conduct a CFM analysis to ensure a powerful and efficient extraction of smokes and smells from the area.

The best time to consult with these experts is before you start designing your kitchen. Qualified kitchen design consultants will carry out all critical steps to ensuring an efficient and functional kitchen design, while making sure that everything is compliant with HACCP and other relevant governmental regulations on food safety.

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